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"She is a magnet in performance,

radiant and grounded."

Philip Szporer

A prolific artist, Ghislaine Doté  started her stage career as a dancer and choreographer, before embracing a new path as a singer, actor and composer.

A bilingual performer, Ghislaine was born in France, grew up in Cote d'Ivoire and spent her adulthood in Montreal where she completed a double BA in Contemporary Dance. After being cast as a dancer in Berger-Plamondon’s acclaimed musical Starmania, she fell in love with singing and has been pursuing it since.

After moving to Vancouver, Ghislaine rekindled her love for la chanson française, and decided to introduce Beautiful British Columbia to the beauty and poetry of french melodies. As a lead singer for Stranger Brew, she made her mark in Festivals Pacifique en Chanson and Chant'Ouest.

Ghislaine created her own production company "Ghislaine Doté Music with the desire to produce both theatrical works and compositions. This year was quite fruitful as she created "L'Ecole Buissonnière", a theatrical rendition of French classics, and she is also releasing her first EP.

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